Film Festivals showcase a wide variety of stories that may cut across many cultures. This helps to create awareness of the different cultures in existence. It also helps to present to the viewers abroad range of different perspectives.

When a festival offers viewers films from various cultures, they facilitate in exposing the audience to different varieties. It opens up a different world to them. Most importantly, it educates people about tolerance and why it is crucial.

What Creates Intolerance?

Cultural intolerance may come about as a result of ignorance. What you do not know, you may not understand. Also, humans tend to assume that everyone perceives things the same way. Different perceptions come with different cultures.

Films bring people together in droves to cities and cinema halls to watch the action on the screen. If the stories told are packaged in a manner that will impart cultural lessons, they will have done a great service to humanity.

The Most Effective Stories

In order to expose the audience to a wide variety of cultures, your choice of film must be done meticulously. Films that feature documentaries and real stories are effective. This is because the viewers are aware that what they are watching is real life; not make-believe.

In addition, films that feature themes can also be an effective tool for showcasing culture. For instance, showing films from the Americas in Europe could teach the audience about the region’s culture. It could feature different cultural groups and the unique culture that defines them.

Films that feature themes can also be an effective tool for showcasing culture

This way, the audience may develop an understanding as well as tolerance for the people of that region. They may also learn to appreciate the differences in their various cultures.

Cinema is the best medium for communication. Have you ever been enthralled by a film that was in a language you did not understand? Whether it had subtitles or not you got the gist of the story and enjoyed it immensely. That is the power of film.

This because:

  • It communicates using the most basic language possible; whether verbal or nonverbal
  • It is widely available especially because of the internet
  • It is entertaining
  • It covers a wide variety of societal concerns

Discover Lil Humpers

Lil, Lucky Humpers
Lil, Lucky Humpers

Want to discover something socially controversial? Take a look at Lil Humpers series. It’s all about making today’s society talk about.. age difference in relationships? Kind of, because Lil Humpers is strictly adults project featuring young dudes having sexual fun with their MILF partners. There is obvious age difference but does it become a problem for two lovers? Not at all. See the evidence by watching the episodes of this.

Providing Entertainment While promoting Tolerance

Film can be a powerful vehicle for promoting awareness. Awareness creates understanding. Cultural awareness fosters tolerance as well as mutual understanding between different cultural groups.

Cinema is used effectively as the bridge between illusion and reality. Even fictional stories pass powerful messages of the world as it should be. Consider sci-fi for instance. Many stories in sci-fi films are about humans and aliens learning to co-exist.

Cinema is used effectively as the bridge between illusion and reality

If humans and aliens can live together and forge worthy relationships, how much more should humans? These are entirely different species while humans are the same species after all.


Film festivals are the best mediums to expose the masses to the diversity of cultures. They are also the best vehicle to teach acceptance, tolerance and understanding. This is because they command attention, are entertaining and also employ diplomacy in passing the message across.