Film Festivals are important for any upcoming filmmaker and marketing executives as it guides them towards the right strategy that will define the future of the movie. The buyers, distributors and sales agents will look into numerous different festivals and then make their decision based on the geographical location and the political scene of their place.

What’s Hot This Summer? BrotherCrush Debut!

Brother Crush Debuts
Brother Crush Debuts

We are pretty sure BrotherCrush is going to be series #1 talked about. Why? Because it’s controversial, it’s hot and it’s strictly for adults. These 3 things make it desirable and authors know it pretty well. You might ask what is the thing that makes such stir. Imagine living inside step family with a step brother you secretly are having a big crush on. You keep it in secret, but as many secrets, it must be revealed one day. One thing leads to another and you end up having sex with your step brother! Now imagine possibilities of having it under one roof – this is Brother Crush!

Upcoming Film Festivals Around The Globe

Here are the top 5 film festivals around the globe that you should look forward to!

World Content Market Prague

This film festival will be held from 29th May to 31st May and focuses mainly television, video and media of new forms. It attracts a large crowd which includes seller and buyers mostly from the Middle East and Eastern European region.

Pegasus Film Festival

This is held in North Texas for all innovative and young filmmakers. It is produced by Young Texas filmmakers and celebrates the work of all local visionaries. It is majorly for submissions from school over North Texas and is held at Studio Movie Grill. They have interactive sessions with the filmmakers through a panel discussion after the screenings, along with food and lots of fun!

Budapest Short Film Festival

It is for short films and is a chance the young people to show their talent on an international stage. The genres include animation, drama, and experimental. Filmmakers and leaders in the industry from all around the world are invited for a pleasurable gathering that promotes the art of. There are 10 categories of awards that are given away by the judges at the end of the festival.

Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival

It is an independent South Asian cinema with a high focus on the development in the Indian Cinema. The genres are endless, there is no restriction the experiments that you can do with your movie. There are cash awards as well as transport and accommodation arrangements for the talented.

Flamingo Film Festival

This film festival is entirely dedicated to showcasing the short films produced by the students on international affairs. For the last four years, it has been held in South Florida and has given awards to exemplary drama, outstanding documentaries, videos including experimental and music, and animated projects created by the college going student filmmakers. Their primary goal is to encourage the students to enhance their creativity and pay attention to the achievements in the film industry.

Film festivals are not only good for movie buffs but allow others to have fun as well.