I’ll Teach You How to Drive

Yeah, right!

I was on my computer the other day just searching random things like we all do, and I came across this extremely interesting website. Just imagine scrolling through your internet search results and coming across a website called fakedrivingschool.com. So naturally, I clicked on it thinking it would be a prank website of some phony driving instructor pranking young teens learning to drive or some teens trying to freak out their real driving instructor. Well, the driving instructor was definitely phony alright.

As the page slowly loads, almost as if building to the true nature of the website, I prepare for what I think is going to be a website full of prank videos. The first thing I see is a beautiful redheaded girl, looking very freshly eighteen being penetrated by whom I assumed was her driving instructor. Despite the scene being extremely visually stimulating, it definitely caught me off guard. Her perky little breasts intrigued me to scroll down further into the website.

I scrolled down further to see a gorgeous, busty brunette being penetrated in another vehicle. That one was a little challenging to identify which one was the driving instructor and which one was the student. Upon reading the little description that was given under the photos, I established that the instructor was the busty woman and the student was the male. I enjoyed the little stories given under each series of photos.

However, this is not just a heterosexual website. As I continued to satisfy my interest and my horniness, I scrolled further into the depths of fakeinstructor.com and discovered that they also have some very pleasing lesbian videos as well. Such as the one of the tan busty blonde with the busty brunette instructor. The first picture is of the brunette sucking on the blonde students nipples, and then continues to show the instructor penetrating the student with a dildo. It was definitely one of my favorites on the site.

Scrolling even further into the collections of pictures and videos, I then see a video of the same busty instructor with a very petite, ebony female. This series was a little different than the previous ones I had seen, because both the male and female instructor were involved. Since the series was titled “Busty Ebony Babe Fails her Test” I could only infer that both instructors were involved to help play the story of having “failed her drivers test”.

At the very bottom of the website are sections dedicated to the “students” and to the “instructors” with their pictures and links to all videos that include them. It’s great if you come across a particular actor that you find really attractive and would like to continue to see solely videos of them.

Overall, even though I stumbled across this website by accident, I was very pleased with the outcome. The website was set up to be very eye catching and intriguing. I also personally found that all the actors they had chosen to film were indeed very attractive. I give this website a ten out of ten in adult websites.